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We genuinely care about supporting businesses and helping SMEs achieve their ambitions

As a trusted online businesses finance partner, we help companies get access to the money they need to grow.

We connect businesses to the right funding products for their capabilities and needs.

We are aware that short-term business funding is the lifeblood of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This kind of funding can unlock opportunities to grow and scale, such as buying new equipment or hiring seasonal staff.

It is good to know us!

Grape was established in 2013 in Poland. We have been operating in the financial market continuously for 10 years. Our team of specialists serves clients from Poland and Europe. In 2022 we launched our fBiT project combining several types of financing under cashless payments including payment gateways and card terminals as well as an international trade financing.

Whether you are developing a start-up or running a large company – if you need a fast financing, at fBiT we will select the offer that suits your company best. We raise funds for our clients from several thousand to several million EUR – join the ranks of our satisfied customers today!

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Przemysław KobyłeckiPrzemysław Kobyłecki
09:33 11 Dec 23
Full commitment and a professional and reliable approach to the topic. Cooperation with GRAPE SP. Z O.O. it's pure pleasure.
Wojciech CzapeczkoWojciech Czapeczko
10:49 06 Dec 23
Working with Grape is a pleasure. Professional service, great commitment, reliable approach and great openness to new solutions. I recommend it 100%.
k wk w
07:11 06 Dec 23
What is important to me is that regardless of the scale, the Grape team always approaches the matter by putting above-the-monetary values ​​first, this compassion helps a lot in contact, they are a model not only of reliability but also of ethics, in this razor-sharp celebration of finance. You can feel that helping with difficult issues is in their DNA.
Mariola SiwyMariola Siwy
08:55 04 Dec 23
Kasia SzczawinskaKasia Szczawinska
08:09 04 Dec 23
Weronika DomiterWeronika Domiter
12:51 29 Nov 23
Great company! Very professional approach to clients, everything quickly, efficiently and without complications.
justyna Natonikjustyna Natonik
20:21 28 Nov 23
I am impressed with how quickly Mrs. Dominika responded to my request. Honestly, I am not sure whether without the support of Grape Sp.z o.o. I would be able to complete the budget for all the tasks I plan to perform during the next Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Finale. Thank you for letting the kids have fun!
Wojciech MatyssekWojciech Matyssek
11:31 28 Nov 23
Iweta IwetkaIweta Iwetka
12:30 06 Sep 23
Super professional people!Each topic was done reliably!He has success in every field!
Daria StrużynaDaria Strużyna
11:55 06 Sep 23
Cooperation at the highest level. I recommend.
John SmithJohn Smith
08:07 06 Sep 23
Many thanks for your quick and professional action! David, nothing is impossible for you. We will recommend.
Iwona ZielińskaIwona Zielińska
12:20 05 Sep 23
A reliable company worth recommending, nice and comprehensive service.
Dawid JDawid J
08:42 05 Sep 23
Recommended contractor 👍👍
Patrycja Rosik-TomalaPatrycja Rosik-Tomala
07:57 05 Sep 23
Full professionalism. Very nice service. Quickly and efficiently. Hassle-free. High-level service.
Jan MarmoJan Marmo
13:07 14 Aug 23
exceptional! At the very beginning, everything was clearly and lucidly presented to me. At each subsequent stage of cooperation, they showed great knowledge, professionalism and empathy. There was an invaluable feeling that everything was on the so-called. last button.A huge plus for me was also the fact that, regardless of who you talk to at Grape, the contact is always at the highest level. Even people who were not directly related to my subject were knowledgeable and offered help when there were any questions or the need for consultation.In conclusion, Grape works with great sensitivity and efficiency, which is not so obvious when it comes to financial products and the industry in general. As a result, I have additional funds, and Grape has another regular customer and a guarantee of recommendation from me. Thank you and I wish myself and other entrepreneurs that all the companies we work with act like you.
Robert SRobert S
09:44 15 Jul 23
Without unnecessary "pears on willow" promises to attract customers. Specific, reliable and to the point. Ms. Dominika has extensive knowledge, an amazing approach and great commitment. Honesty and directness at a level that surprises in the best definition of the word. It's pure pleasure and I know that I'm leaving my dreams in good hands. I definitely recommend it.

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