Online sales & card terminal revenue-based financing

Processing large numbers of payments through debit and credit card sales? We have got easily accessible and flexible financing for you

No creditworthiness check within smaller amounts
Up to 100.000,00 EUR no need of financial records submission
6 months bank statments apply in most cases
A few simple information

Required application documents

You may check the essential details below or simply go ahead!

< 100.000 EUR

Fast track apllication

Approval in 1-3 days

6-12 months bank statments
a few simple information

100.000 EUR-500.000 EUR

Regular track application

Approval ca 7 days

6-12 months bank statments
a few simple information
financial records – for illustrative purposes only

>500.000 EUR-
3 000.000 EUR

Individual Process

We will inform you accordingly.


Trade-specific support for every sales business

Merchant Cash Advance

The loan is repaid through the greater of an amount equating to an agreed fixed percentage of the merchant’s card takings

Flat fee revenue-based funding for e-commerce

These are loans based on your future revenue, where you make repayments as a percentage of your revenue.

Lending solution to finance goods/services

Funding letting you buy more invetory and scale your business. Pay your suppliers and providers, then pay the funding back on an extended schedule that works for you.


This is a great option for businesses that take card payments or sell online and are in need of an instant cash injection.

With the benefits of having the payment flexibility that mirrors cash flow and being unsecured, it is a bit more expensive than other forms of business funding, still worth any pound when you need a quick cash inflow.


Manager of Financial Analysts Team

Product aligns naturally and seamlessly
with your cashflow

Our product gives you breathing space to navigate the seasonal ups and downs

Application and credit assessment process
is 100% online

Meaning there is no need for a physical meeting

You can use it
on your terms

For marketing spend, working capital, inventory management and other business-related expenses

Benefit from a fast cash boost without the usual restrictions associated with traditional loans

There may well be no credit check and approval is pretty quick, often a few days after the day of application

No hidden fees

There is no APR, hidden fees or other charges associated with the borrowing

Easy renevals

You can inject extra funds meaning renew or top-up your borrowing without any hassle

no restrictions!

What can a funding be used for?

Recruiting and training new staff

If you’re going to expand or diversify the business or you need to deal with a seasonal demand growth you may well need to upskill or expand your team in order to follow such development chances.

With our product you can do that without becoming loaded by the trappings of a traditional bank loan.

Investing in new equipment or covering emergency repairs

If you have been in business for a while, it may be time to upgrade or refurbish some of your existing equipment. If you don not have the capital to do so, in that event our product can help and provide funds virtually instantly.

Improving your company cash flow

All the businesses types see cash flow rise and fall, particularly those in the trades where demand will often be seasonal.

If you want to keep your business on the right track during periods of low cash flow then additional funding may be required.

Our product reduces the financial pressure on businesses.

Purchasing stock

If you want to expand your product sheet or you don’t have the existing funds to keep your stock at the right level or you face challenging times, especially when experiencing late paying clients – try our product to resolve the issues.

Procure what you need, when you need it – having the funds to purchase more stock to sell is a crutial element of business cash flow.

Refurbishing or expanding your premises

When a business grows rapidly and its existing property does not support that growth you will want or need to upgrade your premises, especially if you’re in a customer-facing or hospitality sector. We are here to help.

Advertising and marketing

Advertising forms a key part of a business’s marketing efforts.

Using your funding as an investment in advertising can help you stay at the forefront of the minds of existing clientele and introduce you to potential new clients, helping your business thrive and grow.

More than just a loan

You can benefit from a fast cash boost without the usual restrictions associated with traditional loans.
There may well be no credit check and approval is pretty quick.

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